Pray with Us

Prayer for our girls

Lord, we pray that you would pardon and save Ava Grace and Edy Rose. Make them feel their sin as the heaviest burden in the world, as that which is most horrible in itself, and as that which has rendered them liable to your wrath and curse; God make them see that they are lost, and that there is nothing for them but everlasting punishment, unless they are pardoned by the blood of Christ, and sanctified by his Spirit.

Father, make them see the need that they have of Christ, and how all their hope and life is in him; make them see the vanity of this world and that all their happiness is with you in that everlasting life in heaven, where they may, with the saints and angels, behold his glory, and live in his love and be employed in his praises.
Taken from The Reformed Pastor by Richard Baxter

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