Rice Cereal...yum!

The minute I was able to feed Ava Grace rice cereal, I did--she was four months to the day! I could not wait to try new things with her. We did everything by the book and it worked for us.

With Edy, things have been a little bit different. We are still VERY scheduled. Again, it works for us. But when I asked the doctor if I could start feeding her cereal, he said, "Why ruin a good thing." What he meant was, if she is doing fine with breast milk alone, then why fuss over fitting in a feeding of cereal each day. So, I decided to wait.

Well, I waited a whopping week and a half and I thought I would go ahead and give it a try.


  1. That precious face says it all.!!!!

  2. Love that what you do works that is a blessing, I forgot to sign last comment, Gaga


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