Little Friends

In December of 2006, we bought our first home. We were so excited to have a home, but more excited about having a new addition in our family--a little one. Soon after moving in, we met our neighbors: Curtis and Bethany and Landen and Missy. Landen and Missy already had a precious little girl, Leightyn. Turns out, Missy and Bethany were expecting, too. I was due in August and Bethany and Missy were due in September. It wouldn't be long before we all found out the same news--It's a girl! So exciting! I could only imagine all the fun our girls would have together--and THEY HAVE! They have become best friends.

Our girls: Mylea, Macy, and Ava Grace

Mylea and Edy

Leightyn (the big girl), Ava Grace, Mylea, and Macy

Silly faces!

Playing Twister...Notice Leightyn, she's callin' the shots. She is so good with the "little ones" and they all love her so much.

Playing Perfection
Oh, and the story continues...
In May of 2009, I found out that I would have another little baby. You know the outcome--Edy Rose was born in January. Bethany, my neighbor, also had a little girl--Mady was born in March.

Mady and Edy

Our girls!

All the girls!
from l to r: Missy, Mylea, Leightyn, Ava Grace, me, Edy, Macy, Bethany, and Mady
What a wonderful blessing to have these sweet girls in our lives. We sure do hope that we have neighbors like this in Texas.

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