In just a few weeks, Ava Grace will be three years old! My oh my, where has the time gone? Since we will be moving to Texas soon, I wanted her to enjoy a birthday party with all of her friends. She has "grown up" with all of these kids and I wanted her to celebrate her birthday with them.

All ready for the party!

How cute is that cake!?!

Look at that cool doll house!

We are gonna miss all of these great kids! *sniff*

AG loved singing "Happy Birthday".

Our sweet little 3 year old!
And, who could forget about this cute girl!?!


  1. What a fun party! Everyone there had a great time. I loved how excited Ava Grace was to see all her friends there. She seemed to enjoy every aspect of the day! Na

  2. Looks like so much fun! And the cake is fabulous! She is just precious!

  3. LOVE the cake!!! Can't believe she has grown so much!! Love you all!!!

  4. Looks like a blast! I'm glad she got to spend it with all her little friends. I'm going to look forward to being a lot closer for birthday time in the future. :)


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