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Today we went to my dear friend Yvonne's house to play with her kids and swim in her pool.

Edy, Von, and Jack
A couple of weeks ago, AG colored on all over the carpet in her room. She was officially banned from coloring and after a lot of scrubbing, I finally got it all out. Slowly but surely, we have let her explore coloring again. She has been coloring only on coloring books and notepads and has been doing well...until today. While Yvonne and I were talking we noticed that it was too quiet upstairs. You know that kind of quiet, right? The silence that screams...I'm up to no good! When I peeked in on AG I noticed that she had colored all over her hands and face. As soon as I entered the room, she looked up at me and said, "I had a bad day." I then discovered that she had also continued her artwork on Ben's comforter, a notebook, and a towel. Needless to say, I was mortified. Mark my words, we won't be coloring for a LONG, LONG, time!
Sometimes you just gotta laugh!


  1. The laugh was all worth it!!! I had so much fun with her sitting in my lap. I was trying so hard not to laugh at her while she was in trouble. I hope her "bad day" got better!!!

  2. One word: washable markers. Oh, I guess that's two words, but if she's going to color with markers, the color ought to be washable. At least she hasn't decorated the walls yet like her dad did when they lived on Covewood.

    Aunt Ann


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