Edy Grows - 8 months

Edy is eight months old today. She is just as happy and healthy as ever.

Here's the latest:

  • says mama, dada, nana, gaga
  • eats five times a day (breast milk)
  • eats veggies, fruits, rice cereal, Mum Mum crackers, puffs, etc.
  • has one tooth (and one coming in)
  • crawls
  • can sit up on her own
  • trying to pull up on things
  • gets really mad when you take a toy from her
  • starting to understand "no"
  • responds to her name
  • sits in shopping cart and restaurant high chairs
  • can write her name (just seeing if you are paying attention)
  • loves playing with her big sister
  • still doesn't have enough hair for a bow
  • sleeps 12 hours at night
  • wears 9 month clothing
  • wears size 3 diapers


  1. She is precious, Thanks for the birthday wishes.
    Hope all is going ok with the move.
    Love Gaga

  2. J and I are so proud of our little genious! Writing her name :) Seriously...so proud of her! Can't wait to see post about the move!


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