Graham's Office Transformation

This weekend, I headed down to Texas to help Graham with his office.  I'm sure many of you remember that our previous church building burned several months ago.  Graham lost all of his books, seminary stuff, diplomas, personal items, office stuff, etc.  Fortunately, our new church has blessed him with Logos Bible Software which is making his sermon prep and studies a lot easier.  If you don't know anything about Logos, it is absolutely incredible.  Graham has dreamed of having it for years!  It basically eliminates the need for books--just about any and every resource imaginable is at the click of a button.  Since Graham no longer has any books, Logos has been FABULOUS!  Plus, the other pastor, who is moving to Latin America soon, is leaving his library for Graham to use.  How awesome is that?

I got the job of fixing up his office. Do you think I'm complaining? I got to Jacksonville on Friday and started scoping out the place.  It was basically a blank canvas.   


I painted one wall a smokey blue gray...stressed me out just a bit because it was more blue than gray. Color swatches just tick me off!  I stressed and stressed over the color choice.  In the end, I'm happy with it. 
He is still waiting on his seminary diploma to arrive.  It looks pretty rough after the fire got to it.
I stocked him up on knick knacks, pictures of all of us, and other things to collect dust!

Graham loves it, and I loved decorating it!

We have a lot of changes taking place in our little world.  There is so much going on and life has been such a whirlwind lately.  We will be moving to Texas very soon.  More on all of that later...

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