It has been one of those weeks!

Well, we are here--in Texas.  It has been a crazy week! 

The guys loaded our moving truck all day on Monday.  I am so glad we hired people to load our things.  They did a good job!  Tuesday was moving day.  We woke up, finished cleaning our empty house, and headed to Jacksonville.  It was very sad to leave our home.  I couldn't believe that I got so emotional--but I did.  I walked back to the nursery and cried.  Both of my babies came home to that room.  It was tough.  We pulled out of Fort Smith at 9:30am and made it to Bullard, Texas around 5:15pm.  It was a long ride.  When we got to our new place, lots of church guys were there to help us unload.  They were quick.  The rest of this week, I have been working on unpacking.  I feel like I have moved a mountain.

On another note...how bad is our health care?  SO BAD!  Since I am not teaching right now, we have a private health care plan.  Guess what? They denied any treatment for kidney stones AND Graham's back issue.  WHAT?  Kidney stones aren't preexisting.  Plus, Graham has not had surgery for his back in almost ten years AND he doesn't take any meds for his condition.  UGH!!!! I could just scream!  When Graham questioned the kidney stone exemption, the representative said that they denied it because it was reoccurring.  Really?  We get colds each year, too.  What's next?  Are you gonna deny treatment of colds, too?

By the way, since we are living in the country, we have little to no cell service and no Internet.  We are working on the Internet thing, so I will be away from the computer for a bit.  I ran up to the church to catch up on emails, etc. 

Sorry for the ramblings, I gotta get to Walmart and then we are headed to Tyler to look for a new couch!  I'll blog when I can. 


  1. Welcome to Texas healthcare! One of the worse states for private healthcare. You can forget about finding a reasonable private plan with Maternity coverage too!

  2. Definitely digging the clean look on the blog this time around.
    Don't get me wrong... it ALWAYS looks good. But this is a little more my style.

    Glad you guys made it to Texas safe. Let me know when it's all clear to come for a visit.

  3. Welcome to Texas! If it's any consolation, Texas teachers have great insurance. Blue Cross paid off big-time for my accident and hospitalization, and they're still paying for outpatient rehab. It's a program Blue Cross operates for the state called TRS-Active Care. There's also a TRS (Teacher Retirement System) program for retired teachers.

    Send us your address. We have clothes to send to Edy Rose and Ava Grace.

    Aunt Ann


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