Rethinking My Top Ten!

Okay, I knew this would happen.  I knew that I would post my top ten movies and then realize that I left a movie off that I like better. Do I or don't I?  So, after reviewing some of your comments, I need to make some changes! Ha!  I don't think I'm cut out for top ten lists! For now, I want to nix Hope Floats and replace it with White Christmas. Thanks for the reminder, Amy!  How could I leave off that great flick? Especially after all of the references I make to it!  My mom reminded me of all the great sports flicks-- Remember the Titans, Rudy, Hoosiers...those are all great!  Maybe I should get rid of one of my Brat Pack flicks and replace it with one of those.  I guess I should have made a specific genre top ten.  Needless to say, I'm rethinking the whole top ten thingy.  We shall see.

For the record, here's my choices and the explanation of them...

1.  Breakfast Club -- I can pretty much recite every word in this movie.  I love the quirky characters and their connection to one another.
2.  Sixteen Candles -- What can I say, I heart Jake!  LOVE the story line in this movie!  Plus, John and Joan make an appearance in this film.  Love me some Cusacks!
3.  Meet the Parents -- Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson together...makes for a great flick!
4.  50 First Dates -- I had to have an Adam Sandler movie on my list and this one is my favorite of his films.  Rob Schneider, in this movie, cracks me up, too!
5.  Hope Floats White Christmas  --  "Snow, snow, snow!"  Gotta have a musical on my lists!  I feel as if I betrayed Bing for forgetting it.  So sorry!
6.  If Lucy Fell -- another Ben Stiller greats!  The one liners in this movie absolutely make it!
7.  Say Anything -- CUSACKS!  Also, one of my favorite songs eva..."In Your Eyes!"  Should I do a Top Ten Song list?  I think not!
8.  Can't Buy Me Love -- Before McDreamy he was McDorky and I loved him.  I'm a sucker for the underdog that gets a makeover.
9.  Urban Cowboy  -- I know many of you don't get this one.  I like John Travolta's character. Gotta love a cowboy that knows his way around the dance floor!  The music in this film is great, too!
10.  Steel Magnolias --Who doesn't love Weezer? I'm usually not a fan of sad movies, but this one ends happy.  Doesn't it?  It depends on the mood I'm in when I watch it.

That's it for now...If I don't make a list next week you'll know why. Wait, what about While You were Sleeping?  Forget it!


  1. OK, Now see, you've made me re-think MY top ten...not sure I can get it down to just 10...think you're right about doing genres instead....but then that might take f-o-r-e-v-e-r!!! Here are my revisions: (and not necessarily in this order!)
    1. Message in a Bottle
    2. The Notebook
    3. White Christmas (I agree with you, Les)
    4. The Holiday
    5. Sleepless in Seattle
    6. Out of Africa
    7. Top Gun
    8. You've Got Mail
    9. An Affair to Remember (I mean, seriously, you have to!!)
    10. My Best Friend's Wedding

    well, plus all of the others that I mentioned...plus about 50 more!!!


  2. Cherie, Okay, Okay...You're right about An Affair to Remember! Ha! I'm with ya, this is just too hard. BTW, thanks so much for the little cover ups. I've been meaning to tell you that we love them.


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