Edy Grows - 9 months

I say it all the time--Edy is growing so fast.  Too fast!  It seems like she should still be a tiny newborn.  Now look at her...
She is a little bundle of energy.  It makes these monthly pictures kind of difficult to take.  She does not want to sit in this Bumbo seat for any length of time.
 Here are some funny outtakes.  See what I mean?  She just won't sit still.
Look at these girls.  I'm noticing some real differences.  For one, Ava Grace had a lot more hair at this point.  Yeah, they look like sisters, but they have their own unique distinctions.  What do you think?

Edy, you are such a blessing!  Here's what's going on with you at 9 months of age:
  • crawling FAST!
  • like to play with AG's toys
  • eat two meals a day (veggies and fruit)
  • take a morning and afternoon nap
  • breast fed (4-5 times a day)
  • pulling up on furniture
  • cruising around furniture
  • standing momentarily without holding on to anything
  • two teeth
  • sleep from 7pm - 7am (we hear you wake up around 7, but we usually don't get you until 8ish)
  • say "bye bye", "dada", "mama"
  • love yogurt puffs
  • starting to like Baby Einstein movies (about a 5 minute attention span)
  • becoming more hot-tempered!
  • drink a little juice/water from a sippy cup

I wish you would slow down and stay a baby for a while longer, but you are determined to grow and grow!  We love you very much, Edy Rose.


  1. Whenever I see the girls, the same Lyle Lovett song always pops in my head...

    She's as cute as a Bug
    Short as a minute
    She's a pretty little package with
    Everything in it
    I've said enough
    To praise God above
    I'm crazy in love
    She's as cute as a Bug

  2. So precious is this little one, they do grow up fast. She had changed so much from when I saw her last. Give her and AG a hug and a kiss. Tat at Taco Supper, I am at parent teacher conferences. Love Gaga


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