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We are finally getting settled here in East Texas.  There have been some challenges along the way, but we are starting to feel a little bit of normalcy creep back into the picture.  Last weekend, we got new car tags and driver's licences.  Boy, was that an experience.  I did my homework and gathered all the necessary materials before we left.  We stopped at an oil and lube to have our cars inspected.  To our surprise, I had a flat tire and Graham's car wouldn't start back up!  The attendant jumped Graham's car and everything seemed to be fine with it after that. We dropped my car off at Wal-mart and loaded everyone into Graham's car. Mistake. We headed to the Tax Assessor's office to handle business. Three hundred and sixty-four dollars later, we had our four car tags and were ready to get our new driver's licenses.  But wait...Graham's car wouldn't start.  You saw that coming, right?  By this time, we had two tired girls on our hands, tears galore, rude comments flying back and forth--FRUSTRATIONS MOUNTING, people! Ever been there? We were able to get a jump and get Graham's car to Wal-Mart.  Luckily, it was just a bad battery.  We picked up my car, complete with plug in tire, and headed to get our driver's licenses.  Four to six weeks from now, we should have our official Texas state driver's licenses in hand.  Whew, what a day.

No bites on our home in Fort Smith.  We are still praying that a buyer will come along soon.  We have had several lookers recently, but nothing major.  This is where being a home owner can be frustrating.

I came down with a bad cold about a week ago.  I went to the doctor (glad I found one beforehand) and she gave me some advice, but didn't prescribe anything because I'm still nursing.  As colds usually do with me, it turned into a sinus infection. Brutal.  I'm now on antibiotics and starting to get some relief......sl.ow..ly.....

Oh yeah...to top it all off, Graham and I have poison ivy!  I've never had it before and there are a ton of myths around it, but I went straight to trusty ole' Wikipedia to get the truth answers.  I was most concerned about the girls chances of getting it.  Hopefully, they are in the clear.  According to WebMD, they should be.  As for Graham and me, we're trying not to scratch!

We don't have TV.  I didn't think I would miss it much because I have the Internet, but it's just not the same.  I really miss PBS Kids for AG--she loved her morning line-up.  Other than that, it's not so bad.  I missed the whole debacle on The View,  but checked it out via Hulu anyway.  I am SO TIRED, sick and tired, of politically correct NONSENSE!!!!  I don't like to get political on the blog, but... so I won't.

Ahh....what else?  Oh, I've done a ton of reading over the last six weeks.  It's been nice.

I don't have a closure for my ramblings. I guess that's it!

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  1. Ugh. Vehicle inspections. Ugh. I feel your pain.


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