Trick or Treat

Last night, the local businesses passed out candy to all of the trick or treaters. We got the girls dressed up in their costumes so they could join in on the fun.

  Sorry, no candy for you!

Ava Grace as Jessie from the Toy Story movies 

It felt like AG, or should I say, Jessie, was a celebrity last night.  Kids and adults stopped, stared, pointed, laughed, and remarked when they spotted her.  Surprisingly, she was about the only "Jessie" we saw, but there were a ton of "Woody" and "Buzz Light Year" look-a-likes.  AG took her new found fame in stride--stopping to wave and smile at all of her admirers.

As kind of a Halloween tradition, Graham gets us a little something just for fun.  

Edy liked her card as much as her new toy, Pluto.
 Ava Grace got Mrs. Potato Head from Toy Story 3.  

 My cuties!
The Show Stopper!

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  1. Your girls are so adorable (I miss seeing them!), and I just love Ava Grace's costume!!! So fun!


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