Strawberry's Makeover

For those of you that didn't get the memo...Strawberry Shortcake got a makeover!


Not So Bad

Well we made it through Edy's first shots...
Practicing her fencing before the doc comes in
Poor baby! She made it through those nasty shots and surprisingly, so did I.

She weighed in at 12 pounds 9 ounces and 23 3/4 inches long. Whew! The doctor still insists that she is eating heavy cream.


And so it begins...

Dressing alike...It's just part of being sisters!

Since I having Edy, I have had this line from "Sisters" on the brain.

Oh, who am I kidding, I sing lines from White Christmas year round!


Still can't believe it!

The snow is still coming down! Last time I checked, we had gotten seven inches. Can you believe it?

First Day of Spring!

5 inches of snow and still coming down


English Muffin Pizza

When I was a child,  my mom would make mini pizzas on English muffins. Today, AG and I made them for lunch!  WOW!  It really brought me back to my childhood. 
Ingredients: English muffin, pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, and favorite pizza toppings.
*don't use too much pizza sauce or the muffin will be soggy
Broil pizzas until muffin is crispy and cheese is melted
They were so good!

Do you notice a difference?

Edy Grows-2 months

Edy is growing so much! I can't believe she is already two months old. In a couple of days, she will go to the doctor for her check-up. This means shots are on the agenda. UGH! I cried like a baby when we took AG for her second month appointment. It was traumatizing!

Edy's stats:

  • eats every 3 hours during the day
  • follows a strict eat, wake, and then sleep schedule during the day
  • sleeps for a 9 hour stretch at night. In fact, I have had to wake her up at 6:30 to feed her the last couple of mornings.
  • smiles at our facial expressions...who wouldn't, right?
  • spits up after most every meal! AWESOME!
  • likes her swing--especially when it is not moving. Ha! She likes to sit in it and watch everything around her.
  • likes laying on her changing table and looking in the mirror
  • kicks her feet when she is excited
  • still not a fan of tummy time
  • has a distinct "fussy time" each night at around 6
  • becoming much more alert during her "awake" time
  • has a love hate relationship with her pacifier
We love you, Rosie! You are our little laid back baby. This is hilarious considering your roots--Mommy, Daddy, and Big Sis are high-strung to the core! I've always wanted a laid back child and I just may have that with you. Time will tell, we may rub off on you before long.

And for all of the family members that want to compare--click here to see AG at two months.


wakiku (wa: like water, ki: like kitten, coo: like the baby sound) 

As a parent, we love it when our kids learn new things--say new words, learn new tricks, etc.  Once a milestone is accomplished, it's on to the next thing on the checklist.  This is bittersweet because the "new" things become every day occurrences and we become accustomed to them--and slowly forget.  There are some things that I don't ever want to forget. Wakiku is one of them!

The rule is to enunciate words correctly--no baby talk, right?  This is so kids hear the way words are supposed to sound and eventually make the connection.  We have totally broken this rule.

Ava Grace loves to lay in "Daddy's bed" and watch movies.  We typically let her watch part of a movie after her bath and right before bedtime.  She likes for us to watch the movie together; however it isn't always easy to drop everything and watch a movie.  About six months ago, AG started saying "wakiku" to get us to stay and watch the movie with her.  Wakiku meant watch with you.  I remember her saying, "I wanna wakiku, Mommy."  It was so sweet and Graham and I began to use the term too.  Over time, wakiku took on more than one meaning.  So here's the breakdown:  Wakiku - translates: watch with you.  Wakiku - means: play with you, lay with you, snuggle with you, sit with you, watch with you.  Basically, it means--spend time together.

So why the post?  Ava is slowly using the term less and less.  One day, this will be a distant memory and I just don't want to forget its sweetness.

I wanna wakiku forever!


Family Fotos

We went out to eat as a family tonight.  This was the first time we've tackled a restaurant since we had Edy.  It was nice.  Good times.

Before we left, we took a couple of family pics.


New Hobby

I just love scrap-blogging! I've never really been into scrap-booking, but this is different--not as messy tedious.

new desktop background


6 weeks old

Can't believe my little one is already six weeks old? Almost seven now, I'm late on posting.Look at that cutie pie!
Famous fencing reflex

Love it!
How cute is this hat!?!

There's something about the six week mark--seems like normalcy begins to return. I remember the same thing happening six weeks after we had Ava Grace. We began to get the swing of things, our routines were established, and she was sleeping longer periods at night. Same thing is happening with this little bundle of joy. In fact, she has been sleeping up to 7 hours the last couple of nights and slept 9 hours last night!


Diaper Cake

I have always enjoyed a good project. When I found out that there was no centerpiece for a baby shower this Sunday, I jumped at the chance to make a diaper cake. I've never made one before, but I've wanted to try it. It really wasn't very difficult and it's actually a practical gift. I mean, every baby needs diapers! Now I'm excited for more baby showers so I can try out my new craft.

Now that I have gotten the first one out of the way, I have tons of ideas for my next one!

Gimme My Pacifier

Little Miss loves her pacifier or "C" as AG lovingly called it.

Pacifier from Leslie Hale on Vimeo.


Little Mamas

All the "little mamas" from the neighborhood stopped by to pay Edy a quick visit.
These girls are just too sweet and SO maternal!


Edy slept through the night last night! Whoohoo! She had seven hours of uninterrupted sleep, got up to eat, and then slept another 3 hours. Go Edy!