Our Little Sponge

AG is at that age where she can hear something one or two times and remember it. She can sing songs all the way through, memorize lines in a movie, quote nursery rhymes, and even recite The Pledge of Allegiance. She's our little sponge. Now is the time for her to learn something of eternal significance. Catechisms are a great way for her to internalize sound doctrine at a young age. We like to call it Q & A Christianity. It is important to us that our kids have a good foundation and understand what scripture teaches.

Here are the first ten questions and answers that AG knows so far:

1Q. Who made you?
1A. God

2Q. What else did God make?
2A. God made everything.

3Q. Why did God make you and all things?
3A. For His glory

4Q. Why should you glorify God?
4A. Because He loves me and takes care of me.

5Q. How do you glorify God?
5A. By loving Him and doing what He commands.

6Q. How many gods are there?
6A. There is only one God.

7Q. How many persons does one God exist?
7A. In three persons.

8Q. Who are they?
8A. The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit

9Q. What is God?
9A. God is Spirit (John 4:24) and has not a body like men.

10Q. Where is God?
10A. God is everywhere.

Check out our little sponge:

For His Glory from Leslie Hale on Vimeo.


Another Shower

My friend Rachael is having another little girl, Emma Jae. For this "diaper" shower, I thought I'd try something new--a diaper wreath!
Materials: Diapers (size 2--so the Mommy can use the wreath for a while before she needs the diapers.), ribbon, Styrofoam ring, clear hair rubber band hair ties, and baby stuff.
First, place the diapers around the the ring and wrap a clear rubberband around the top of the diaper.
Next, put more diapers in between the first set.
Then, decorate!
I think this is a cool gift because it can serve as a wreath for the hospital door and it's functional later down the line!


Sunday Pics

Another round of Sunday pics for the grandparents viewing pleasure.

I love my girly girls!

It's back!

We broke out the ole' jumperoo. Unfortunately, I still remember all the little songs it plays. They are already getting old! Miss Edy absolutely loves it! She is already jumping and kicking. It is so much fun to watch her discover new things.


Edy Grows-4 months

I can't believe it! Edy, you're four months old already!
We will go to the doctor in a couple of days to see how much you have grown, but this we know...you have grown! We will probably introduce cereal in the next few weeks, too. That should be fun!

Here's your latest stats:
  • hold head steady when upright
  • on stomach, raise chest, supported by arms
  • squeal in delight (A LOT!)
  • reach for an object
  • smile like crazy!
  • roll over one way
  • bear some weight on legs
  • make a razzing sound
  • turn to my voice (love it!)
  • sleep from 8:30 p.m.-6:30 a.m.
  • eat 6 times a day
  • still as laid back as ever!
We love you, Rose Bud.


My Birthday

I had a wonderful birthday celebration! Ava Grace was a little upset this morning. She wanted it to be her birthday. Here's a little recap of my day:
I mentioned to Casey that I wanted to add some new colors to my home--turquoise being one. She gave me these gorgeous vases!

Yep, that is a dust buster in my hands! I have been wanting one for a while. No more crumbs under AG's chair!

When I put AG down for bed tonight, she looked up at me and softly said, "Happy birthday, Mommy." It was so sweet.


Pretty, Pretty Princess

The pictures say it all!

Here's to all the daddy's of little girls.

Weekend Getaway

Graham and I (and Edy) just returned from a quick weekend getaway to Tulsa. We had such a great time hanging out and relaxing with one another.

Who's behind this door?
This girl!
Seriously, it was the perfect spot for our little Rose Bud. We cranked up her sound machine and never heard another peep out of her.
Here we are...almost seven years of marriage! I sure do love my husband!
For lunch, we found this great restaurant. It was nice outside so we sat outside and enjoyed our meal.

I had to try The Bristow (AKA The Leslie) and I am so glad that I did. It was terrific.

Next stop...Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids. I am such a sucker for Pottery Barn. I rarely buy anything, but I always get some good ideas and recreate them in my home thanks to T.J. Maxx, Hobby Lobby, and Tuesday Morning! We also went to another great browsing idea-stealing store, Restoration Hardware. I found the perfect gray to paint the walls in our home! I picked up a swatch and will try to find a match at Lowe's. I am so done with Spanish Sand. Ha!
Eventually the girls will share a room...here's an idea for future reference.
Our footloose and fancy free girl!
Finally, we ended the trip at Nantucket Creamery and Russell Stover Candies...delicious!

Thanks for such a great weekend, Graham. I love you.


Pray with Us

Prayer for our girls

Lord, we pray that you would pardon and save Ava Grace and Edy Rose. Make them feel their sin as the heaviest burden in the world, as that which is most horrible in itself, and as that which has rendered them liable to your wrath and curse; God make them see that they are lost, and that there is nothing for them but everlasting punishment, unless they are pardoned by the blood of Christ, and sanctified by his Spirit.

Father, make them see the need that they have of Christ, and how all their hope and life is in him; make them see the vanity of this world and that all their happiness is with you in that everlasting life in heaven, where they may, with the saints and angels, behold his glory, and live in his love and be employed in his praises.
Taken from The Reformed Pastor by Richard Baxter


Toad Suck Daze

This morning, Graham and Ava Grace headed down to Conway to go to Toad Suck Daze with Na, Pops, and KK. From what I hear, they had a blast--especially AG.
Watching the toad races
Love it!

Mother-Daughter Brunch

This morning was our Mother-Daughter Brunch at church. It was so much fun to fellowship with all of the ladies of our church along with their mothers and/or daughters. Graham took AG to Conway for Toad Suck Daze so I was able to take Edy and have a special day with her. It has been so much fun spending the day together.
Here are the strawberries I made for the event. Delish!
These are the gorgeous flowers L picked from her yard. Wow! I wish I had a green thumb!
The fabulous spread. I just love brunch foods...they are so dainty and girly.
We are back at home and I have some great plans for us. We are going to have a relaxing, fun day together while AG and her daddy have a "daddy-daughter day".

Edy's friend

Edy absolutely loves her glow worm.  She lights up every time he lights up!  I love how she talks, smiles, laughs, and kicks when we turn him on.  It is so cute.  Look at those eyes!