Now hiring: Pediatrician Extraordinaire

Finding a new doctor flat out stinks!  I loved our doctors in Ft. Smith.  Seriously...I was SO pleased with every. single. one. Pediatrician, dentist, primary care, and my OBGYN--they were all so great.  I wish they would have just moved with me!!! My problems would be solved.  

Anywho, I sought some advice when looking for doctors here in East Texas.  I talked to some people in our church that are in the medical field--got their suggestions. I did some Internet searches--looked up credentials(Like I know what any of those acronyms stand for?? That's why I have Google, right?!). I even looked at ratings (not too trustworthy, though). Finally, I settled on a new pediatrician--felt real good about it.  Guess what?  Not taking new patients!  After a long pause, the receptionist gives me the names of the doctors that are taking new patients.  I couldn't ask her to tell me the best one, right? Trust me, I thought about it.  I decided to call back after I did some more research.

Even though the new pediatrician isn't Dr. Jon, I guess she will do... for now.  I'm still not certain if we are gonna mesh. We are still on a trial run period. You see, I ask questions and sometimes they may seem silly, but appease me please!  I want her time.  After all, I'm actually paying for it! (Yesterday...I felt rushed). I want her to CARE...really care--fake it if she has to. I want her to know how to relate to children.  Dr. Jon had a magic wand he let the kids play with...Where's her magic wand?? She acted clueless when the girls cried or wiggled.

All in all, she is definitely knowledgeable...I was able to gather that...even through her EXTREMELY high-pitched voice.  We will go back in a few months and give her another shot...no pun intended! chance.

Toys--check!  Clean carpet--check!

This was taken post-shots...Tough Cookie!

Ava Grace:
  • 36.5 lbs. - 81 percentile for weight
  • 39.75 in. - 82 percentile for height
Edy Rose:
  • 21 lbs. 11 oz - 47 percentile for weight
  • 29.75 in. - 65 percentile for height
Now... I'll save you ALL the details that led me to my new gynecologist.   I will tell you that he graduated from Hendrix and UAMS before finishing up his degree in Texas.  Also, I found out that he worked in a "small rural town in Arkansas" for a while.


  1. Wow, you have great pics of the girls seeing the doctor. They are tough. They are so precious also.
    Love Tat and Gaga

  2. I can ask my friend who her girls use if you want me to. They live in Tyler. Remember me telling you about her? Let me know.....


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