Picky {eater}

Each day, I am discovering more and more just how different my little girls are. . . 

Before Edy, I thought AG was just a semi-picky eater, but after having Edy and seeing what all she will eat, I am realizing that Ava is EXTREMELY picky!

Side note:  We usually make AG try whatever I cook and give her some other healthy options as well.

******T-M-I below.  If you have a weak tummy, DON'T read!******

The other night, I made turkey-veggie soup. Mmmmm...Mmmm. I strained the veggies and meat and made Edy a plate.  She gobbled down every bite and signed for MORE!  I very excitedly filled her plate.  She ate it ALL up!

I made AG a small bowl and started in on our usual song and dance of "Give me two bites...Okay, one more....G-O-O-D!  Isn't that good!?!"

Ava turned her nose up and took the two bites, but not without a couple of gags before she swallowed.  I gave her a drink and then asked her to give me two. more. bites.  She cheerfully obliged. After a couple of swigs of Odwala juice, mixed with Barley Life, and Mirilax (a post for another day...she may be picky, but she loves her "green juice") I asked her to take ONE MORE BITE>>>>>>>>>>>>>Big mistake!!!!! 


Right after that bite, she vomited all over the place. (You were warned.)  Just to give you even more information, she has never vomited in her entire little life.  She just looked at me and cried.  "Momma, what happened?" After cleaning up the horrendous mess and bathing my picky-eater, I headed back into the kitchen to make her a PB&J.  

And the winner is............The curly headed, 3 year old, with a contagious smile! Ava Grace!

We have had to tell her to quit telling random strangers about the time [she] threw up because veggie soup is so yucky.  

Guess what?  Now she plays THAT card--You know what I mean? When I try to feed her something she's not quite sure about she asks, "Momma, will that make me throw up?  Remember, my tummy throws up food that's yucky."  

Yes, Ava Grace, I haven't so quickly forgotten.
This all transpired while this one was gobbling down the veggie goodness.

Do any of you mommas have some tips when it comes to picky eaters?  I don't want to sacrifice healthy food choices, but other than Odwala, AG just isn't eating her vegetables.


  1. Not that I have any personal experience with this BUT I have heard of Jerry Seinfeld's wife creating a cookbook called Deceptively Delicious. It helps incorporate the "yucky" healthy stuff into things she may eat. Again, I have no experience with this or the book but it popped in my mind as I read your blog!

    Best of luck. It's hard to stay mad too long at the sweet smile!

  2. Thanks, Cari. It is definitely worth a shot.

  3. She may be a "super-taster." There's a line of us running through the family. The most common culprits are vegetables, and the type(s) of vegetables involved vary from person to person. For me, it's almost every cooked green vegetable--they pretty much all taste the same to me. The disguising idea might work. I can drink V-8 juice with no problem. The same is true for green beans and peas in canned vegetable soup, but in those the beans and peas are mostly soft and probably retain little of their original flavor. But by themselves, cooked green beans, peas, broccoli, spinach and other greens, cabbage, and even blacked-eyed peas with snaps produce a similar reaction to Ava Grace's in me, so I just don't even try them anymore. I've herd that as many as 25% of people may be super-tasters, so Ava Grace's finicky eating may be hereditary. Besides, her daddy was probably the champ at being a picky eater.

    Aunt Ann

  4. OK, that was supposed to be "heard" in the next-to-the-last sentence. Sometimes I type faster than my keyboard can record! And unlike other programs, this one doesn't warn you if there's a type. Oh, well.


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