Special Snapshots

Through the years, certain photos have become pretty special to me.  For whatever reason, these pictures make my heart smile.  It's not necessarily because of the quality, the lighting, or the perfect pose, but because of the subjects--my precious girls, family, good friends. When I look at one, I can't help but stare, laugh, and sometimes even cry.  It's a glimpse into my past--a happy day, a sweet moment, or even a trying time.  

These snapshots preserve my memories--moments I don't ever want to forget.

I recently compiled a folder full of my favorite pictures.  Periodically, I would like to share a few and tell a quick story or two--take a brief walk down memory lane.

Here goes. . .

I'll never forget how Ava Grace loved the sprinkler, but did not want to get wet.  She would run around the perimeter of the backyard without letting the water touch her.  I couldn't turn it off or she'd cry.  She wanted it  on wasting water while she played.  Finally, she got hit.  I love how she turned her head away from the water and pulled her arms in close to her body.  She just stood motionless--paralyzed by the cold water.  Too cute!
 Just look at that big grin on Edy's face!  She looks like she is proud to be standing on her own two feet.
I dare to say this is my favorite photo of all time.  It was taken the first time Ava Grace held her baby sister.  I'll never forget how happy she was. Just look at her face.  Absolutely priceless.

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  1. Love it. Love it. LOVE IT!!!!! What a great idea for a blog post. Last week my laptop was being worked on. After I got it back, and tested it, I put it aside. Later that night I came back and watched the screen saver of my pictures for over an hour! (Ok, I was also watching How I Met Your Mother as well.....but still...... :) I have those certain pics that just get me every time. *sigh*


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