Special Snapshots

As I said last Wednesday, I want to share some of my favorite pics and tell a little bit about them.  Unlike my Top Ten Tuesday attempt (ahem...3 posts), I'm going to try and keep this up each week.
All I gotta say is, I love my girl's curls and that's why I love this photo so much.  
Ahhh...just SO cute!  
I remember this day so well...I was SO mad because I had to go to work on Ava's very first snow day--she was five months old.  Graham was home and took AG outside to get some pics of her in the snow.  Later that day, he emailed this photo to me at work.  It made my day and made me jealous I wasn't home with my sweet baby!
My dad took this picture of Graham and me soon after we were engaged.  I love it because it's just us--happy and in love...and thin...and young...and tan...and clueless!

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  1. Great pics. Pkg in mail to the girls, I mailed today, wed Feb 9.
    Love ya,Mom


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