Special Snapshots

It's been a good week.  The girls and I have been at my parents for a few days and we had a blast.  Let me just say...I. miss. TV.  I caught up on some shows while there and it was sort of nice.  Don't get me wrong, the extra time for reading, playing with the girls, cooking, etc. has been fun, but c'mon--it's been five months! That's five months of NOTHING, not even the basic stuff.  I did forget how much I hate the news, though...brings me too much [unneeded] anxiety.  I like living my happy, uninformed life!

Enough of the random--here are this week's pics.  Remember the rules--it's not about the quality of the picture, the pose, or even the smile.  It's just a picture that is special to me!
 Love the curls, those blue eyes, and that perfect profile
 I stop and stare at this photo every time it plays on my screensaver slideshow.
 We don't get family photos very often and when we do it's hard to get everyone to look at the camera and smile at the same time.  Thanks to a woman in our church, we have this one.  Even though Edy isn't quite looking at the camera, I love it anyway!
Picture speaks for itself, right?!!!!!!!!!

For last week's pics, click HERE.

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