Are you supposed to be up there?

No, you're not.  But, you just look so proud of yourself.
Every day Edy climbs up on the hearth and EVERY DAY we tell her "No, no!"  I don't know what kind of message I'm sending her by taking her picture while she is disobeying, but she just looked too cute.  Agreed?


  1. She is sooo stinkin cute!! And so proud of herself too. Give both girls hugs and kisses from Na! Love ya

  2. Do you remember I told you climbed on top of the refrigerator. You climbed on top of the bar by using the shelves on the side, then on top of microwave, then on top of fridge. Then you said "Down". I said no stay up there awhile so you know you don't want to do it again. Love Gaga

  3. haha that is sooo cute! She does look so proud! Give them both loves from Aunt KK!

  4. Help!!!! Again!!!! Lol. How do I get rid of the black box around all my pictures?

    It is just NOT RIGHT that RoRo is that big!! Unbelievable..... So, so cute!


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