Our Little Sponge [part 2]

Several months ago, I posted a video of AG answering some questions that we call Q & A Christianity.  This is a great way for her to internalize sound doctrine.

A couple of weeks ago, I recorded AG reciting all of the Q & As she has memorized so far.  At first she didn't understand each question an answer, but we are finding that she is starting to make connections and she even asks questions about what she is learning.  For example, tonight she asked, "Why do we have a soul as well as a body?" We love that she is starting to make connections and we can tell that she is gaining understanding.  It's so cool!

Our little sponge is learning so much!  Just check out this video...

The first ten questions are on the original post.  Click HERE to view them.
Q& A 11-40:
Q11:  Can you see God?
A11:  No, I cannot see God, but he sees me.
Q12:  Does God know all things?
A12:  Yes; nothing can be hid from God.
Q13:  Can God do all things?
A13:  Yes; God  can do all His holy will.
Q14:  Where can you learn how to love and obey God?
A14:  In the Bible alone.
Q15:  Who wrote the Bible?
A15:  Holy men who were taught by the Holy Spirit
Q16:  Who were our first parents?
A16:  Adam and Eve
Q17:  Of what were our first parents made?
A17:  God made the body of Adam from the dust of the ground, and formed Eve from the Body of Adam.
Q18:  What did God give Adam and Eve besides bodies?
A18:  He gave them souls that could never die.
Q19:  Have you a soul as well as a body?
A19:  Yes; I have a soul that can never die.
Q20:  How do you know that you have a soul?
A20:  Because the Bible tells me I do.
Q21:  In what condition did God make Adam and Eve?
A21:  He made them holy and happy.
Q22:  What is a covenant?
A22:  An agreement between two or more persons.
Q23:  What covenant did God make with Adam?
A23:  The Covenant of Works
Q24:  What did Adam have to do in the covenant of works?
A24:  Obey God perfectly
Q25:  What did God promise in the covenant of works?
A25:  To reward Adam with life if he obeyed Him.
Q26:  What did God threaten Adam and Eve with in the covenant of works?
A26:  To punish them with death if Adam disobeyed.
Q27:  Did Adam keep the covenant of works?
A27:  No; he sinned against God.
Q28:  What is sin?
A28:  Not being or doing what God requires but being or doing what God forbids.
Q29:  What was the sin of our first parents?
A29:  Eating of the forbidden fruit.
Q30:  Who tempted them to this sin?
A30:  The devil tempted Eve and she gave the fruit to Adam.
Q31:  What happened to our first parents when they sinned?
A31:  Instead of being holy and happy, they became sinful and miserable.
Q32:  Did Adam simply represent himself in the covenant of works?
A32:  No; he represented us.
Q33:  What effect did the sin of Adam have on all mankind?
A33:  All of mankind are born sinful and miserable.
Q34:  What is the sinful nature which we inherit from Adam called?
A34:  Original sin.  Original sin is not referring to the first sin committed, but the results from the first sin committed.
Q35:  What does every sin deserve?
A35:  The wrath and the curse of God
Q36:  Can anyone go to heaven with this sinful nature?
A36:  No; our hearts must be changed before we can be fit for heaven.
Q37:  What is a change of heart called?
A37:  Regeneration
Q38:  Who can change a sinner's heart?
A38:  The Holy Spirit alone
Q39:  Can anyone be saved through the covenant of works?
A39:  No
Q40:  Why can't anyone be saved through the covenant of works?
A40:  Because all have broken it and are condemned by it.


  1. Man i love this little girl sooooo much! She is so smart and getting so big!! give her and that sweet little Edy some love from Aunt KK

  2. leslie, this is nicole (becnel) rappold. i found your blog through susy's and i LOVE it! this christianity q&a is awesome. i hope you dont mind but im stealing it to teach my kids! thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Nicole, so glad you found us. Feel free to steal. I think it's so important for us to teach these truths to our children. I'll post more as AG learns more! Keep ya posted.


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