Two Random Things...

Random #1:
After lights out, Ava was screaming for us to turn on the hallway light.  Graham went in to talk to her about the screaming and here's the conversation that took place...
Graham: I'm not turning on your light.
Ava: But, I'm trying to read my Bible.
Graham: speechless and trying to think of a response  
Ava: The Bible says to buy toys.
Graham: For who?
Ava: For ME!!

Random #2:
I finally learned how to french braid! *applause*  It took almost 3 decades, but I think I'm getting the hang of it.  I had the most patient little model.  The only problem, her hair is super thin and fine--not good french braiding hair!  Oh...one more problem, I don't think people really sport french braids anymore. Right? I really haven't seen them since the days of junior high color guard! Let me know if they are still in and we will be rockin' the french braid around here!


  1. Totally In!! ha! I don't think it matters with little girls. I've started braiding my bangs like Carrie Underwood in this picture.


  2. Pretty sure they've been replaced with the side ponytail, a la Deb from Napoleon Dynamite.
    But just don't give her one of those Jersey Shore pouf things and she'll be good to go. :)


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