Cashin' in Christmas Gifts

For ChRIsTmAs, Graham and I got a bunch of gift cards.  We thought we had better hang on to them until we moved to a more permanent place.  But...it is beginning to look like we are going to stay right where we are now. 

Just have to add this real quick...We are still praying that our house sells soon.  At the end of May it will have been on the market a year--a very. long. year.  But let me tell ya, even though that is a long time and my finite mind is struggling to understand, I have never doubted that God is at work and His will is perfect.

Since we think we are staying put out here in the country, I took my gift cards from Christmas and picked up some things for the house.  I thought I'd show the family how I spent our cards :). . .
 Ava (and Edy's) new room
We think we might have the girls share a room one day (regardless if we have more children).  Although Edy isn't ready to move into Ava's "big girl" room, she will be soon.  And...after a few minor changes, this will be a perfect room for two sisters.  Don't ya think?
Paint color:  click HERE (used a Lowe's gift card)
Blinds: partial gift card purchase
Bed:  bought this from a friend (not a gift card purchase--but a good deal)
Bedding: Pottery Barn Kids (not a good deal, but I'm hoping certain it will last a while)
Accessories: I used all of our existing assessories, but I did spray paint a lot of them.

This is one of our dining chairs--I sanded it, painted it, sanded it again, and recovered it (fabric: Hobby Lobby).  I'm getting to why it is AG's room and not in the kitchen.
Bird pillow:  Target (gift card purchase)
Roll pillow:  Yeah, I made that--no biggie! *sarcasm* Luckily, my sewing machine was already threaded and ready to go.  I made it (on a whim) with the left over chair fabric.

One of the reasons I love this bunk bed...
 Oh yeah!  The trundle is the perfect place for RoRo when she's ready!
The girls LOVE their bed!
 pretending to be asleep (oh...if only this were for real!)

 I organized AG's closet thanks to some Walmart gift cards!
I like our kitchen table, but the chairs...not so much.  I do like the chairs, but I don't like all six of them together in one space.  I got these two end chairs with gift cards and I think they are great.  Next up...recover the old chair cushions.  I have my eye on some fabric at Hobby Lobby, but that'll have to wait.
bar stools: Target gift cards
 floral pillow: Target gift cards

We have enjoyed cashin' in our Christmas gift cards.  It was a lot of fun and we like the new flare in our home.


  1. I LOVE your new chairs!! And the pillows and the chair in Ava's room. You are so good- want to come to my house?? :)
    For real, though, I have some bunkbeds in the garage that I'm in the precess of sanding & painting- any tips on finishing them? I've got primer on one of them, and now I'm nervous... (I guess I could always re-sand if it looks terrible, right?)


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