Edy Grows - 15 months (almost)

Ro had her 15 month check-up today. . .  

Getting ready for shots...poor baby!

Edy's stats at 15 months:
  • 21 lbs 15 oz - 28%
  • 31 inches - 77%
Just a little comparison--I promise I won't be comparing their height and weight at age 13, but for now when it doesn't matter...

AG's stats at 15 months:
  • 24 lbs 12.5 oz - 66%
  • 32.25 inches - 90%
Look at those baby blues!

More about Edy Rose:
  • can repeat and say a whole bunch of words (Momma, Dad, Ava or Aba, sister, spoon, waffle, light, ball, no-no, down, cup, drink, baby...)
  • favorite song - "Ring Around the Rosie".  She always chimes in and says "ashes, ashes" and then she falls down.
  • still fascinated with cups
  • walks/runs everywhere
  • dances to music
  • hasn't gotten her "fang" teeth, but is cutting three molars all at once
  • a Momma's girl to a fault
  • hides toys, sippy cups, shoes, etc. in any drawer, basket, or inconspicuous place she can find (fan remote has been m.i.a. for over two months now).
  • the most regular child ever (if you know what I mean)
  • takes one nap a day--around two hours 
  • sleeps from 6:45pm-7:30am
  • loves Cinderella's castle (more on that later)


  1. She says WAY more words than Sophie! And she'll be 2 next month!!!!

  2. What a beauty! She's getting big... I'm looking forward to seeing you guys on Easter Sunday... we have a gig the night before so I'll have to get up at the crack of dawn, but it'll be fun.


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