A Great Visit

Last week, Gran and Papaw made the drive from Alabama to visit us.  It has been over a year since we have been together and we were thrilled to have them here with us.
 Tat (my dad) also made the trip.  He brought the girls these cute Easter baskets.
 "Here comes Peter Cottontail. . ."
Seriously, I've sung this song one too many times over the last couple of days.  It can be shelved until next  year.
 Love my bunnies!
 AG and Tat

 AG teaching Tat and Gran how to use the Ipad.  *It's Tat's Ipad! :)*
 We celebrated Gran's birthday while she was here.  She got an Easter basket of her own.
 What can I say, my girls love them some milk!
 Ha!  Look at Ro peeking into the picture.
 My girls have got to get better at taking pictures.

What a wonderful visit!  We can't wait to see Gran and Papaw again. Hopefully sooner rather than later!

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