Goodbye to a Decade: 20 and 21

I can't believe I'm saying goodbye to my 20s.  What a GREAT decade.  Aren't the 20s great?

As I was running tonight, I began to think about the past decade of my life...WOW, what a difference ten years makes!

I don't typically get sentimental about age, but this decade included some pretty major stuff in my life...and well, it's pretty special to me.

Here goes:

*Twenty - I'm not gonna lie, I thought I had arrived.  No longer a teen, no longer living with the folks, making my own schedule, still getting moolah from my parents--yup, I'd arrived alright.

I was living in an apartment with a friend and going to school at UCA in Conway, AR.  There was lots of late night chats, petty arguments, and a ton of fun--too much!
Uhhh...That would be moi at my apartment.
(throw away camera age...more poor quality pics to come)

Tid bit o'info: gas prices - $1.52 a gallon.  How bout that?

Jan. 2002:  I met the LOVE of my life.
Before we were introduced, I spotted him and  thought to myself, I'm gonna marry that guy. (pause)  Yeah, right.  You silly girl.  
If I'm lyin', I'm dyin'.
You can see why I fell for this guy! :)

Feb. 2002:  We went on our first date and the rest is history.

Joys: running at Salem Park after work, watching FRIENDS with friends,  layin' out at the pool, Friday night parties
Woes: struggling to live on a budget (great preparation, though); balancing school, work, and fun; arguments with friends
*Twenty-one - I was still living in my apartment in Conway, attending UCA, working at a daycare, and dating Graham.

Spring 2002:  Graham had two back surgeries back to back (pun intended).

July 04, 2002:  After 5 months of dating, Graham asked me to marry him.  At the time, that was the happiest day of my life.

Aug. 2002:  Graham moved to Memphis to begin seminary.  I thought it would be the longest school year of my life, but we made it!
Me - at one of our wedding showers

April 2003: We loaded up all of our belongings and moved them to our new apartment. I finished up school and moved home for my final month as a single lady.

Move in day:  I guess I was pumped about our new place.

Joys: planning my wedding, finding the perfect wedding gown, hanging out with my new family, wedding showers, going to church, hanging out at Jeff & Yvonne's with Graham
Woes: spiritual growing pains (definitely not a woe, but it felt like it at the time),  saying "goodbye" to college friends

More to come.  Stay-tuned. . .

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  1. I am also leaving my 20's behind very soon and I am dreading it. I think it is hard to swallow- like I should have more figrued out by now. But this is a fun way to get over that hump.
    Thanks for being an inspiration.


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