Goodbye to a Decade: 22-24

I am continuing my look back at the past decade of my life.  For the first post, click HERE.

Where was I?...

*Twenty-two - Married my Mr. Wonderful on May 31, 2003.  The best decision I ever made!

I still think back to our wedding day.  It was just perfect.  Although fads come and go and new wedding trends are really snazzy, I wouldn't change a single thing about our day.  It was an intimate ceremony and an absolutely stunning reception--just perfect for us.

We headed to San Antonio, Texas for our honeymoon.  

We moved to Olive Branch, MS right after the honeymoon.  I loved getting our first place together.  I remember thinking it was great!  And...it was.

July 2003:  I started school at Blue Mountain College in Blue Mountain, MS.  In my opinion this is THE BEST school for students wanting to become teachers.  I got a top notch education while at BMC.  Even though the school switch delayed my graduation date and made me a 5th year senior, it was the best thing for me in the long run.

August 2003:  Graham and I began working at Shepherd's Haven, a home for men who are mentally challenged.  We filled-in for the house parents about two weekend's a month.  We have some of the most hilarious stories from our time there.  Today, that ministry is thriving--God is so good.

JOYS:  being with my man, meeting new friends,  jogging around seminary housing on beautiful days, series finale of FRIENDS
WOES:  first year of marriage stuff,  making the long drive to school every.single.day., getting adjusted to life as a wife instead of life on my own;  my car (from high school) died and we had to get another one; series finale of FRIENDS
*Twenty-three - I graduated from BMC and got my very first teaching job in Desoto County School District.  Boy, was it a doosy.  As a first year teacher, I was low on the totem pole and got stuck with some real challenges, but we (my students and I) made it through it!

We continued to work at Shepherd's Haven two or three weekends a month.

JOYS:  growing closer and closer to my Lord and Savior,  graduating from college, starting my first real job 
WOES:  balancing work, church, and family; general stresses in life
*Twenty-four -Summer 2005, Graham and I stayed in Springdale, AR while he completed an internship.  We went to Brazil on a missions trip.  It was a fun summer for me because I didn't do anything!
 Internship in Springdale
trip to Kansas City
Aug. 2005:   I continued to work as a 4th grade teacher at HLIS, went to the gym religiously (ran, swam, lifted weights 4/5 times a week), continued working several weekends a month at Shepherd's Haven.
I went to a Reading conference for children who can't read good with several teaching friends.  Our principal put us up in a nice hotel and we each got our own room.  It was so nice.

On the weekends, Graham and I would go to The Peabody Place, Beale Street, the movies, The Riverwalk, Germantown, dinner with friends, or just spend time at our apartment playing Rummicube.  Man, life was different back then.  Good.  But, different.

JOYS: a daily routine, loved my job, great friendships, spending time at the gym, weekends with Graham
WOES: car payment, kidney stones, insurance issues, Graham's back problems,

To be continued...

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