A Little Photo Shoot

Since it is so beautiful outside, I took the girls out for some "summer" pics!  

I know it's best to take pictures later in the day, but that never works well for my schedule--too much going on at that time.  We'll just have to deal with the shadows and sun. 

There are a few good ones in this batch...
 Did you catch that?  They are BOTH LOOKING at the camera at the SAME TIME!

 I like this one.

 This one's cute.

I love my little models!


  1. I have looked at all these pictures again and again. I appreciate all the work that goes into this blog. And I realize that I am a lucky grandmother, because my daughter-in-law takes the time to blog all the pictures and events of their lives, so that we can keep up with the growth of our beautiful granddaughters long distance! Thank you Leslie, I love you so much!! Renee

  2. Love Love Love it!!! These are sooo cute...i cant wait to see them and YOU in person!!! Love you and Miss You sooo much!!!!


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