{my} Mother's Day

I just celebrated my fourth Mother's Day and it did not disappoint.  You can see why. . .
Just look at the Lord's blessings in my life.

Not only has the Lord given me two extraordinary little girls, but He also gave me a fabulous husband.  

I have been hinting asking for an ESV Study Bible for some time--it just so happened to be my Mother's Day gift.  I'm so pumped about it.

So glad to be their mom!

 Thought you'd get a kick out of this one:
Happy Mother's Day to all!


  1. What beautiful pics of some beautiful girls!! It's the next best thing to being there (though, I really, really want to see all of you sooooooo bad!!) Love ya, Renee

  2. Leslie!! That is sooo crazy! I love this small world and all the connections!! I will have to tell my mom about this! I hope you have a great day and I'm so glad we keep up and have met each other in "blog world." :) :)


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