Office Redo

For the past two days, I have been fixing up our home office on a poor man's budget.  Since we moved in, we haven't used this room and I am excited to have a place for all of my crafts and junk stuff.  Graham has an office at the church and he told me I could fix up our home office any way I wanted! And...I did.

So come on in and I'll tell ya all about my office. . .
*Last summer, I redecorated my mom's dining room--click HERE to see it.  Recently, my parents moved and my dad brought me some of the left over paint from the makeover.  I used that paint on the walls.  Woohoo for free paint!!!

*The "H" has been in my closet since we moved here.  I sprayed it and distressed it.
*A friend sold me the little bookshelf for 10 bucks and I spray painted it.
*Just like in AG's bedroom makeover, I refinished and recovered one of our old dining chairs.
Click HERE to see AG's bedroom makeover.
*I got the fabric for the chair with a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby.
*A few years back, I refinished my childhood furniture for AG--click HERE to see it. [sigh] I painted over all that hard work.  I kind of wish I had left it alone because once it's painted it can never go back...I refuse to strip paint.  I used some leftover paint I had from another project--click HERE to see Edy's dresser.
*spray painted and distressed the cork board
*spray painted the lamp

*got all of these old books from Goodwill
*basket came from Hobby Lobby
*Getting Ready to be a Mother: Fourth Edition - 1940
Okay, there are too many hysterical bits of info in this book.  I have literally laughed and laughed at some of the tips and scenarios.  For instance, the baby is always referred to as Junior and once he is home he does everything perfectly.  I could write a whole post on the wealth of information this book provides. :)

*This is another book I picked up:  Attaining Womanhood - 1939.  I plan on giving this to my girls instead of talking to them about feminine changes and sex.  I'll let their daddy explain the terms "petting" and "necking" as used in the book.:) Again...hysterical.

I love all of this cream pottery.

*Bought shelf from a friend for 5 bucks
*Spray painted the crosses

That pretty much sums it up.  It really does look better in person.  So...come visit. 
First item of business:  Already on my desk.


  1. Looks great Les, cant wait to see it. Love Gaga

  2. It look fantastic! You are very talented!!

  3. The storage for the books looks classy! And the H is HIGHLY appreciated! :)


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