Special Snapshots

A few months ago, when I started the "Special Snapshot" series, I organized my most favorite photos into folders for future posts. 

Here's the story for this week's photo: 

Before we left Fort Smith, our neighbors had us over for a sort of "farewell dinner".  It was a great time of fellowship--God blessed us with wonderful friends in Fort Smith.  We talked, laughed, watched the kids play, and had a great dinner.  As we were leaving, Ava Grace gave all the girls (some of her bestest buds) a big hug.  Her last hug was to the "big girl", Leightyn.  Just over a week later, Leightyn went home to meet our Lord and Saviour.  You can read her story HERE.

Click HERE for last week's pics.

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  1. I love this picture. It is scary how fast our lives changed.


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