Vaca: Dia Cinco

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Friday was FuN, fUn, FuN!
We got up early and headed to Grapevine, TX for a day of shopping.  Let me just say, I am not a big fan of shopping (could have something to do with the fact that I don't want to spend money so I just stay away from shopping as not to be tempted).  I do; however, love to browse around interesting/unique stores.  I enjoy looking at all of the different things that boutiques have to offer.  Grapevine is filled with wonderful little shops that render unique treasures which makes shopping a lot of fun!

I spent some of my birthday money and got some fun things.  I really enjoyed the whole shopping process.

We had lunch at Willhoite's Restaurant which did not disappoint.  Then, we stopped in a bakery and AG settled upon a strawberry cupcake.
 Excellent Choice, Sweetie!
 Here's {my} sign
Graham and I both agreed that this should be my motto.  
In my defense, I don't intentionally ignore people.  I suffer from scatterbrainness  multi-tasking overload.

At the end of our Grapevine shopping trip, we ended up with these items:
  • two types of whole bean coffee: tiramisu and chocolate macadamia nut
  • A *free* copy of Rob Bell's book Love Wins.  (Explanation--Graham spotted it in a bookstore and casually picked it up.  The owner of the store hovered over him in hopes of a good debate.  Graham gave his position and she gave hers.  Not satisfied with their convo, she handed Graham a copy and told him to read it.) 
  • some adorable hair flowers for the girls
  • a little backpack for Edy Rose
  • monogramming for the backpack
  • scents from a candle store for my Scentsy
The shopping and the heat wore this girl out!

After Grapevine, we met up with Uncle Corey for a much needed trip to...........IKEA!

I might not like shopping, but I LOVE A GOOD DEAL!

I got four 94 inch (hard to find) linen curtains for 8 bucks a panel.  Yes! You read that right!  I also picked up a big wicker bowl and a wall light for the girls' room.

Ava loved playing in Small Land while we shopped.  You just can't beat 90 minute childcare while you enjoy your shopping experience.  

For dinner, we ate at Blue Mesa Grill.  I cannot recommend this place enough.  It was fantastic. Sweet potato chips and smokey salsa are a good pair! Really, really, good stuff!

Final Day to come...

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