Vaca: Dia Dos

Click HERE for day one.

Tuesday:  We got up bright and early and headed over to Six Flags!

I'll let the pics do some of the talkin'. . .

I'm securing our seatbelt.
That's right--SAFETY FIRST! *5mph*

See my brave girl?
I just have to laugh at this picture.  Graham looks so ridiculous! *still laughing*

AG and I picked the very tail end of the roller coaster.  See me waving?

After naps and showers, the girls were worn out.  Aunt Ann and Aunt Dorothy kindly offered to keep the girls while Graham and I went out to celebrate our eighth anniversary!
We had dinner at Piranha Killer Sushi.


Next up--Giants of Savannah! You won't wanna miss it! ;)


  1. Looks like fun, Ava is so brave! :)

  2. hey this is jd...could you text me graham's cell #? my cell is 4794224542...thanks!


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