Vaca: Dia Cuatro

Click HERE for day three.

Thursday was a sort-of laid back day.  We hung around the hotel and swam for most of the morning and then had lunch at Pei Wei, which I love.

After lunch, the girls napped and Graham and I went back to Six Flags to ride a few more rides.  Let me just say, The Texas Giant is back and better than ever.  We had a blast.

That night, Ava Grace went to see Kung Fu Panda 2 with her aunts while Graham, Edy, and I hung around the hotel.  

Here's what Edy did:
She was so cold, but didn't want to quit playing.  See her shivering? :)

 I took this pic with my phone just as the water was falling on her head.  She LOVED it!

Ava Grace spent the night with Aunt Ann and Aunt Dorothy and Graham and I watched the Mavs beat Miami!  If you happened to see the game, you know that we enjoyed a nice, relaxing evening! *ahem*

Up next, shopping in Grapevine...

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