15 months

It's official, our house in Fort Smith has been on the market for 15 LONG months.  

15 months ago everyone told me it would sell in a matter of days, 15 months ago we still lived in Fort Smith, 15 months ago the yard looked awesome, 15 months ago I was confident about this whole thing, 15 months ago we had a different Realtor, 15 months ago we had a contingent contract on a house in Jax, 15 months ago...

So here it is...

  • one owner 
  • 5 years old--like new!
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 1 small bonus room (office)
  • nice landscaping
  • wonderful neighborhood (just a small cul de sac)
  • one of the best school zones in Fort Smith
  • move-in ready
  • newly cleaned carpets
  • corner lot
  • priced right!!

*The house sits on a hill, but the garage is nice and flat.  The backyard is also flat*
 fenced backyard
 2-inch faux wood blinds throughout
 enormous master closet
 stainless steel appliances and double ovens
 nice master bath

We loved our time in Fort Smith and do not regret buying our first home.  It was a GREAT place to live.  Just down the road, I would take AG to see the cows, yet we were minutes from Wal-Mart.  The neighbors are top notch and we wouldn't trade the relationships we made with them for anything.  Unfortunately, the market is tough.  There are more than PLENTY of homes in our market (size, amenities, price) and buyers are getting to shop around AND give ridiculously LOW offers.

So, 15 months...

For 15 months God has proven that He is in control and I am not, for 15 months God has continuously provided through tight financial times, for 15 months God has answered my prayer to be home with my girls,  for 15 months God has grown me in so many unexplainable ways.

15 months.


A Cooking Post: Ziploc Bag Omelets

First off, I have never really been an omelet kind of person, but the recipe I'm about to share changed my mind.  

At least once a month we have breakfast for dinner.  Most often, I make a traditional breakfast, but sometimes, I make these omelets.  I've had this recipe for years now and my family loves it--it's tried and true.
Ziploc Bag Omelets
1.  take two eggs and mix them in a bowl
2.  add shredded cheese (about a handful)
3.  add any other ingredients that you like...

If I am in a time crunch, like always tonight, I put frozen bell pepper, onion, and real bacon bits in ours.  You can put anything you want.  The possibilities are endless!

4.  make sure to have quart-sized freezer bags and a Sharpie marker

5.  mix all of your ingredients in with the two eggs

6.  add whatever seasonings you prefer
This is what I put in mine:  Cajun seasoning, chili powder, garlic salt, and pepper

7.  pour ingredients in the Ziploc bag and label
If you have older children, they can make their own omelet just the way they like it!
8.  bring a pot of water to a rolling boil and place baggies in water

9.  keep bags in water for at least 13 minutes

10.  garnish with whatever you like
This one is mine:  sour cream, cherry pepper, jalapenos, and chili powder (the hotter the better!)

These are Graham's:  sour cream, cilantro, banana pepper, and cherry tomatoes

Prep time is less than 5 minutes and clean up is a breeze!  


Edy Grows - 18 months!

Can you believe it?!?  Edy Rose is a year and a half (tomorrow).  

Life with Ro has been so much fun...
She is such a character and has a good sense of humor.
Her blue eyes and that mouth full of teeth are so stinkin' adorable!
She's still a big time momma's girl.
She LOVES her big sister, "A Gace".
A lot has happened in 6 months, she...

  • speaks in sentences
  • eats only table food
  • wears size 5 diapers
  • climbs on EVERYTHING
  • counts to eight
  • loves playing with the dollhouse
  • pretends to be a mommy to her baby dolls
  • cleans up after play time
  • LOVES Bardey (aka Barney)
  • takes a 2 hour nap each day
  • goes down between 7 and 7:30PM and gets up around 8AM (very sound sleeper)
  • is a very content and happy kiddo
  • sings "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"
  • doesn't like to be in the car
  • likes to draw (scribble)
  • loves playing in water ( I catch her in my bathroom at least three times a day turning on the tub faucet.)
  • runs everywhere (She's pretty fast, too.)
  • thinks it's fun to jump (still keeps one foot firmly planted on the ground, though)
  • takes a pacifier ("pass") at nap and bedtime (She really doesn't fuss over it.  I bet I could get rid of it, but I don't want to.)
  • is learning that she has a will of her own and trying to decipher if it's stronger than Mommy's (it's not!)

Edy Rose, 

You are such a precious child.  You are enthusiastic, loving, caring, and funny.  You have a really good attitude and it's contagious!  One of my favorite moments of the day is coming into your room first thing in the morning.  You always greet me with a big smile, hug, and kiss.  I hope I never forget that.  You have added so much to our family and I thank God for letting Daddy and me raise you.  We are praying for you every single day.

Love always,

Oh, and for those interested, click HERE to see AG at 18 months.


Sunday Pics

Good gracious it's H-O-T!  We did manage to get out in the heat for a quick sec to snap a pic. . .


Ava & Edy-isms

I am mad at myself for not documenting the recent hilarity that is AG and Ro!  I DON'T wanna forget these little nuggets of adorableness!

Here are a couple of things I've neglected to record...
Waiting patiently for Sister to wake up!
AG:  I got a queshion for ya.
Graham:  Okay.
AG:  Give me some ice cream.
Graham:  That's not a question.
AG:  Can I?
Me [frustrated with AG]:  Ava Grace, when are you going to learn to be a big girl? (great parenting, btw.)
AG:  [sigh] Tuesday, I promise!
AG [in a very panicked voice]:  Mom!  We forgot to make my bed today!
AG to the TV:  No!  Bambi, you aren't supposed to be in the meadow!
Graham and I hate the PBS show, Caillou.  AG loves it--isn't that the way it works?!  Anyway, Caillou is this whiny little boy that looks like a baby.  Graham made up his own rendition to the tune of the show's intro.  I caught AG singing it the other day.  It was so funny...

AG [to the tune of Caillou's song]:  I'm just a dorky kid, I'm just a nerdy kid, I'm just a whiny kid.  Caillou!
Check out this video of Edy counting to SIX--sort of. . .

Special Snapshots

It's been a while since I posted a special snapshot.  

This pic always makes me smile. . . 
Isn't that cute!?!

Ava Grace was just a few weeks old and I caught her [ahem] winking!

Graham and his girl--two peas in a pod!

Click HERE for more Special Snapshots.



I. spent. one. whole. glorious. day. without. my. children.

C'mon y'all! I LOVE my girlies, but it was SO nice to spend some time apart.  And let me just say, they ain't complaining either.  Their daddy let them jump on the bed, took them to the playground and out for ice cream, dinner at Mickey D's, and back home for a couple of episodes of Team Umizoomi.  They were glad to have a day with Daddy.

My mom and I made a quick trip to Dallas.  IKEA, Blue Mesa Grill, The Container Store, Anthropologie, Crate & Barrel, Brookstone, Neiman Marcus, Apple Store, and Starbucks equals one. good. day.

You know what made this day even better?

When I walked in the door, I got some big ole kisses from AG and lots of snuggles from Ro.  I was glad to be missed.

Time apart really does make the heart grow fonder and I didn't even think that was possible--I love them so much!


Fantastic Four-th

Our Fourth of July was spent with friends, enjoying good eats, and watching an incredible fireworks show.  It was a good day.

We headed over to our friends' house right after Edy woke up from her nap at around 2:30pm and didn't get home until 10:30pm.  Edy has never stayed up that late and she was a real trooper.  Both girls were out as soon as their heads hit the pillow.
The two Ava's:  Ava Grace and Ava Jo

We headed to the lake around 8:15 to get a spot for the fireworks show.  A bunch of people from church were already there.

AG was so mad at me for making her change out of her swim suit.  She really wanted to swim in the lake.
She was fine to wade in the water.  I'm singing.  Are you?
There are always plenty of girls ready to help me with Edy.  Love it!

When I was in high school, I watched  a Fourth of July firework show in Washington, D.C.  It's hard to beat that, but Jacksonville did a really good job.  I was impressed.
God bless America, My home sweet home.

The 4th of July

Happy Birthday, AMERICA!


Texas Caviar

A couple of months ago, I was at a baby shower and tasted something in-cred-i-ble.  When I asked what it was, someone replied, "Girl, that's Texas Caviar!!"  After going on and on about it, a lady from church took the hint brought me some.  She had it all dolled up in a mason jar wrapped in red and white gingham ribbon.  So cute (special touches go a long way with me).  Plus, she included the recipe.

If you are a dipper (you know what I mean) like me, you should try it.

Texas Caviar
2  medium tomatoes--chopped
1 can of Rotel 
2 cans of black-eye peas--drained
1/2 cup cilantro (LOVE)
1/2 jar of sliced green olives
1 jalapeno--chopped or 1/2 jar sliced jalapeno (I LIKE IT HOT!)
8 oz. Zesty Italian dressing
salt and pepper to taste
(It calls for onion, but I didn't put it in mine.)
Combine all of the ingredients
Mix well
Chill for at least 2 hours before serving
Serve with tortilla chips
Let me know what you think!

Little Bit of Lately

Here's a little bit of lately by way of iPhone pics...
 Ro is totally embracing dress-up although her style is just as questionable as her big sister's!
 Graham promised us girls a movie night.  He came home with some of our favorite goodies.
He did it up old-school style with a projector and screen.  Even though the screen was not much bigger than our TV, it was a lot of fun and AG thought it was the coolest thing ever!
 IT RAINED! (for about 10 minutes)
Edy and AG watched the rain fall.  

Sleeping Beauties
No, they don't sleep together yet.  We just placed Edy by AG for the pic.