A Cooking Post: Ziploc Bag Omelets

First off, I have never really been an omelet kind of person, but the recipe I'm about to share changed my mind.  

At least once a month we have breakfast for dinner.  Most often, I make a traditional breakfast, but sometimes, I make these omelets.  I've had this recipe for years now and my family loves it--it's tried and true.
Ziploc Bag Omelets
1.  take two eggs and mix them in a bowl
2.  add shredded cheese (about a handful)
3.  add any other ingredients that you like...

If I am in a time crunch, like always tonight, I put frozen bell pepper, onion, and real bacon bits in ours.  You can put anything you want.  The possibilities are endless!

4.  make sure to have quart-sized freezer bags and a Sharpie marker

5.  mix all of your ingredients in with the two eggs

6.  add whatever seasonings you prefer
This is what I put in mine:  Cajun seasoning, chili powder, garlic salt, and pepper

7.  pour ingredients in the Ziploc bag and label
If you have older children, they can make their own omelet just the way they like it!
8.  bring a pot of water to a rolling boil and place baggies in water

9.  keep bags in water for at least 13 minutes

10.  garnish with whatever you like
This one is mine:  sour cream, cherry pepper, jalapenos, and chili powder (the hotter the better!)

These are Graham's:  sour cream, cilantro, banana pepper, and cherry tomatoes

Prep time is less than 5 minutes and clean up is a breeze!  

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