Ava & Edy-isms

I am mad at myself for not documenting the recent hilarity that is AG and Ro!  I DON'T wanna forget these little nuggets of adorableness!

Here are a couple of things I've neglected to record...
Waiting patiently for Sister to wake up!
AG:  I got a queshion for ya.
Graham:  Okay.
AG:  Give me some ice cream.
Graham:  That's not a question.
AG:  Can I?
Me [frustrated with AG]:  Ava Grace, when are you going to learn to be a big girl? (great parenting, btw.)
AG:  [sigh] Tuesday, I promise!
AG [in a very panicked voice]:  Mom!  We forgot to make my bed today!
AG to the TV:  No!  Bambi, you aren't supposed to be in the meadow!
Graham and I hate the PBS show, Caillou.  AG loves it--isn't that the way it works?!  Anyway, Caillou is this whiny little boy that looks like a baby.  Graham made up his own rendition to the tune of the show's intro.  I caught AG singing it the other day.  It was so funny...

AG [to the tune of Caillou's song]:  I'm just a dorky kid, I'm just a nerdy kid, I'm just a whiny kid.  Caillou!
Check out this video of Edy counting to SIX--sort of. . .


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! JD is going to LOVE Graham's version of the Caillou song! We feel the exact. same. way. I feel like everytime we watch that show we have to talk about not whining and not talking like a baby! :)

  2. Just tell her Caillou changed his name to Charlie Brown. They look similar except for Charlie Brown is awesome and Caillou looks lame as all get-out.

  3. Way to go! Get her an abacus!

  4. I've got to reply to your comment on my blog- we would SO love to be closer to you guys. We would go to your church in a heartbeat, and you could decorate my house!! Win-Win! (For us.)


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