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It's been a hectic summer and other than my daily Bible study, I've had little time for reading.  Now that our routines are starting to get into place, I have much more time to dedicate to reading.  I finally wrapped up The Knowledge of the Holy by A.W. Tozer and I want to share a few things from the book...

A.W Tozer on the goodness of God:

The greatness of God rouses fear within us, but His goodness encourages us not to be afraid of Him.  To fear and not be afraid--that is the paradox of faith.

Tozer ends each chapter with a quote, poem, or hymn.  Here is a wonderful hymn by Charles Wesley:
Arise, my soul, arise;
Shake off thy guilty fears;
The bleeding Sacrifice
In my behalf appears:
Before the throne my Surety stands,
My name is written on His Hands.
My God is reconciled;
His pardoning voice I hear;
He owns me for His child;
I can no longer fear:
With confidence I now draw nigh,
And "Father, Abba, Father," cry.
Check out Indelible Grace sing this beautiful hymn:

Now that I have my piano, I've been playing a lot of the great hymns of the faith.  Here is a link to a wonderful hymnbook with demos and downloadable sheet music: http://www.igracemusic.com/hymnbook/home.html

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  1. Have. Mercy. Just last night I started playing again. I had dinner almost ready & Brian walked in the door to find me at the piano. He said, "I have missed you playing. I love it. I could just sit & listen all night." So sweet! So I'm back to playing. Thanks for the link. ;)


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