What's Under My Bed...

...lot of bins filled with lots of clothes

It's true, I have been saving certain clothes along the way for Edy to hopeful wear SOMEDAY!

Unfortunately, the girls were born at totally different times of the year and a lot of the clothes don't coordinate with the current size and/or season that Edy needs.  But, there is quite a bit that we can make work.

The best part are all of the shoes and coats that were saved.  That will be a big money saver!

The crazy side of me is a little disappointed that AG doesn't have matching outfits to go with the stuff that Edy can wear, but I might be able to come up with some cute coordinating looks! *even better*

This is just another fabulous perk to having awesome little girlies!
I pulled out an old nightgown of AG's for Edy.  She was SO excited to have a princess nightgown to match her big sister's.

I also came across the old squeaker shoes we loved so much. *sarcasm*  Remember those?  AG got a new pair for Christmas, but they were a little too big.  Thankfully, they fit perfectly now! JOY! *again...sarcasm*  Here is a video of the girls getting acquainted with their new kicks!

Just in case you are wondering, those darn squeakers are very easily removed!

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  1. Sooooo glad to see a post on your blog! (And such a cute one at that!) Love the video about the shoes. Too funny. Can't wait to see the girls AND you and Graham. ;)
    Love, Renee


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