Back in the Swing of Things

Around here, we are getting back in the swing of things...
  • We have MOPS every other Wednesday.
  • AG has started Pre-K (with me as her teacher).  By the way, I need some suggestions on a good Pre-K curriculum?  I have been looking around, but wanted to get some input before I purchased anything.  
  • Play-dates are on the calendar.
  • We've had lots of outdoor play time.
  • I'm giving free wagon rides. (My shoulder is killing me!)
  • Trips to the library are a must.
  • Our field trip to the zoo is coming up.
  • The park is calling our name.
  • Craft time is AG's favorite time of the day.

We love the cooler temps!

Don't forget: I need Pre-K curriculum suggestions.  PLEASE!

Also, what are some fun things to do with the kiddos this Fall?

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  1. Leslie--I used Abeka K-4 for my son last year and really liked it. He was close to reading when he started Kindergarten this year. I did't do everything just focused on the phonics as that was the main area he needed help in. Hope this helps--Jena


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