Go Lil Kickers!

Yesterday, AG had her first soccer game.  WHOOHOOO!  Go LIL KICKERS! (If only she shared in my enthusiasm!)
pre-game pic
My motto:  She may not be any good, but she is going to look great!
She looks like a little pro!
Btw, I found the cutest soccer ribbon for her hair. *it's the little things*
Edy's all ready for "A-Gace's" game.

one proud daddy
pre-game warm-up

During the game...
Notice AG's attentiveness [ahem] or lack there of?  Yeah, that's pretty much what she did throughout the game.


The Lil' Kickers won! 
(thanks to two, aggressive, little boys)
Final score: 8 to 4
By the way, we scored two points for the opposing team by kicking the ball into their goal. :)

Good game.
AG was pretty much a space cadet on the field.  She did run around with the team, but never kicked the ball.

It was a ton of fun to watch and I'm looking forward to next week's game.

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