I uploaded my phone pics to my computer.  Here's what we have been up to the last few days.
Yesterday, I painted the kitchen.  I haven't started decorating it yet because I'm still gathering my thoughts slowly but surely.


I painted all of the old brass hardware.
I made a chocolate pie for a church potluck.
By the way, how cute is that profile?
I also made a pecan pie for the church potluck.

Ava Grace loves to color (just like me).  She is getting SO good.  Na and Pops came to visit and they brought her a new box of crayons and some new coloring books.  I was a little jealous seeing AG's new crayons and coloring books.  So....

They bought me some too.  
Just look at those beautiful, sharp pieces of colorful wax!
There's only one problem.  I don't share with others.  These are MY nice, new, SHARP crayons.  And that, my friends, is how I feel about it.
Na and Pops brought Edy a Barney stuffed animal.  She's in love.
I made a Fall yarn wreath for my front door.  Felt flowers would have been my first choice, but I had these old flowers on hand so I made it work.

That's about all I got.......my brain is zapped so I'll just end it here.


  1. 96 Crayons!! I think that the biggest box I ever had was 64. Think I am going to get me a 96 box. (I do not share mine either)

  2. Hey love the update. Steve from Warnocks coming over today after school with furniture. I love all the pics and those pies, awesome!!
    Love gaga and tat

  3. I ALWAYS wanted the 96 box. My mom was too cheap. ;) Think I deserve a box. I don't share either. I don't like a blunt tip!!!! (twss)

  4. Loved the pics! I still can't believe those knobs. Never would have thought that would work. You are a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!! Love ya, Renee


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