Buckets {full of candy}

Around here, we don't mind Halloween.  Of course, we aren't about the scary stuff per se, but dressing up in costume, getting candy, carving pumpkins, going on hayrides, watching some classics (The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and Garfield's Halloween Adventure), bobbing for apples, going to the pumpkin patch, and searching for the perfect caramel apple are traditions we love and keep.  Words and ideas like monster or creepy or haunted house just don't bother us.  We don't get caught up in the origin of Halloween--that isn't what it's about for us, of course.  It's just a lot of fun for our family and we've got some pretty amazing activities planned this year.  Can't wait to share!

Off my soap box and on to the buckets...

Last weekend, AG and I met my mom in Canton.  I got a few things including these...
How cute will these be for trick-or-treating?
When I went to pick them up, Ava's read, "Able Grace".  UGH!  They fixed it, but it took a bit.
Buckets full of sweet candy...Couldn't you just eat them up!?!

Halloween Gabbies (our word for pajamas)

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