TEXAS State Fair

Last week we packed up and headed out for a long weekend of fun and leisure.  

Thursday, we went to the  State Fair of Texas!  Just like everything in Texas, it was BIGGERandBETTER than any fair I've ever been to--just look at that Ferris wheel!
We just so happened to go on Senior Day.  What does that mean, you ask?  Answer:  Lots of Hoverounds!  It was okay, though...we got front row seats to a lover's quarrel between a couple on scooters. A man was begging his honey's forgiveness, but she was not in the mood to listen to his apology.  She sped off like a bat outta hell as he chased after her--keep in mind they were driving scooters.  It absolutely made my day!
Look at my cheese-balls!
The weather was nice--mid 80's.
We came across the World's Tallest Mattress Stack.  Graham and I seem to think this is pretty beatable.  C'mon, that's only eleven mattresses.  Surely someone can do better than that.
AG rode a few rides
Graham and AG rode the swan paddle boat.  Graham did all the paddling, of course.
Take a look at this guy....
Uh huh, this scene is made entirely out of butter.
State Fair of Texas!

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  1. The pictures are priceless! It looks like you all had a great time. Thanks for the little peek into a day at the fair. Love, Na


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