God's Country!

Can I just say...I LOVE and MISS The Natural State AKA Land of Opportunity AKA Hog Country AKA ARKANSAS!!!!!!!!! *Don't be offended, Texans. I love the Lonestar State, but I'm an Arkansan by birth!*

I have been traveling this past week and I got a little choked up driving across the state line into my home state. I think I was even humming "country roads, take me home...to the place...I belong..." Forget West Virginia--Arkansas is BEA-U-TI-FUL, especially this time of year!!!  I even took a few pics via my phone while crossing the Arkansas River while driving...but not texting.

Now you will have to excuse me.  I'm off to get a tissue (tearing up again).  Did I mention I love Arkansas?


  1. I hear ya, sister!! Preach it!! And the great state misses you, too. ;)

  2. Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!


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