H-O-M-E {sweet} home

I've got a lot of catchin' up to do so you can either bear with me or skip this post (I'll understand!)...

*The girls and I headed to Arkansas on Nov. 7 for a trip across the state with lots of friends and family to see and some minor business to handle.

*First, we stopped in at my parent's house for a few days.  I had so much fun decorating my their house for Christmas.  I also got to spend some time with a very close friend.

*Next, it was off to Conway for some time with Graham's family.  It's been almost a year since we were in Conway and I love it there.  Not only did I go to college there, but I've got so many close family and friends that live there.  Thankfully, I was able to have some much needed "girl-time"with two of my closest friends.  

*Meanwhile, Graham packed up and headed on his annual mission trip to Nicaragua.  

*Last Thursday, I headed to Fort Smith to check on my house and handle a few items of business.  I dreaded that particular trip like the plague.  I haven't wanted to go in my house for a number of reasons....so...instead...I hung out with two of my best friends and bypassed my visit to my house.  I had a great time catching up, but the trip to my house was inevitable.

*Thursday night, I went to visit my sis-n-law in Springdale.  We enjoyed the night visiting and she was so kind to make the trip back to Fort Smith with me on Friday.  We went to the house, I saw that everything was in order and there was nothing of importance for me to handle, I had lunch with another great friend, and we headed back to Conway.

*Friday night, I went to see Breaking Dawn! *like*

*Graham made it home safe from Nicaragua.

*The girls and I made the long trip from Conway to Jacksonville on Saturday.
As we headed into Texas, AG said, "Mom, are we back in our land yet?"  It really felt like we were coming HOME...that was a neat feeling.  Home is definitely where your heart is!

*The girls and I were so excited to see Graham.  He had a wonderful trip in Nicaragua and brought the girls some adorable dresses.

*I'll end my long, listy post with some cute pics of my girls in their Nicaraguan attire.

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