Remember These???

Oh how I loved my CABOODLE!!!!  I remember youth choir tours--every girl had one.  They were a MUST have, fo sho!

Who's too cool for school?

I bought her one to keep up with all of her hair stuff.  Fixing her hair is a constant battle....I have to continually bark out orders like...bring me a brush...a hair tie...the water bottle...a barrette...etc.  So when I saw this lone Caboodle for 10 bucks at Wal-Mart, I said, "SOLD!"

You would have thought this was the best. gift. ever.  She loves it and I'm a little jealous.  I must get video of each girl saying "Caboodle".  Ro's version is hysterical!

So ladies, are y'all with me?  Who had a Caboodle?


  1. I had one! It was black, white and hot pink. Used it all the time as a pre-teen and teen!

  2. I had one too! Mine was purple and shaped like a suitcase. I remember y'all laughing the first time I brought it on choir tour.


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