Christmas Parties

Other than a small party we are giving the children's workers at church--we are done with parties!  They are fun while they last, but I usually breathe a sigh of relief once they are done and over with.

This year, I hosted two parties {and loved every minute of it} along with attending three others.

Last Friday night, we hosted appetizers at our church's annual progressive dinner.  It was a lot of fun to travel to a few homes and fellowship with our church family.

I am the publicity coordinator for our local MOPS group and Monday we had our steering committee  dinner.  Nothing fancy, but a nice time out with the girls.

Tuesday night, I hosted the ladies Christmas party.  It was SO. much. FUN!  We had lots of great food, a great ornament exchange where the claws came out, and a great time to talk with the wonderful ladies from my church.

Here are some pictures from the Ladies Christmas Party...
{Holding our ornaments}
I love looking a pictures of people having fun!

Wednesday, we had our MOPS Christmas party.  
Before we left, I took a picture with my "big" girl!  Check out those earrings.  Aunt Christmas lovingly gave those to AG and she begged to wear them to the Christmas party.  I obliged.
Edy had a little fever and stayed home with Graham, but she joined us for a picture.

We played a "reindeer game" and stuffed panty hose with balloons.
We also had a gift exchange, but it didn't get near as crazy as the one on Tuesday night!
The 2010-2011 Steering Team

Wednesday night, we had our small group party.  It was chill....which was good after all of the "big" parties.

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