The Final Biography

I just finished Forgotten God by Francis Chan.  Wow!  What a wonderful book!  It is a must read for sure.

He ended his book powerfully and I wanted to share:

The Final Biography:

What if this last biography were about your life?  What would be written here?  Would we read stories about the indwelling work of the Holy Spirit or stories about what you have accomplished on your own?  Don't be discouraged if there is not a lot of the Holy Spirit's working in your past.  Pray in complete faith right now.  Ask God to have His Spirit work so mightily in you that it would make for an amazing biography.  A biography that speaks of a life so supernatural that no one would even consider giving you the glory.  A biography that displays the power of the Spirit and lifts up the name of Jesus to the glory of God the Father.  Amen.

What a wonderful challenge for believers.  I want this kind of biography--one that proclaims the name of Jesus and gives God all the glory!!!  I'm convicted, I'm moved, I'm encouraged, and I'm excited to see the Holy Spirit at work in my life!


  1. I haven't read this one yet! Sounds so challenging. I'm probably still the only person left who also hasn't read Crazy Love. Now I'm thinking I just need to pick up all his books and get started! :)

  2. Kelly, I read Crazy Love as well. They are both great books...you definitely need to check them out!


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