Every year, we are confronted with the whole Santa issue.  Where do we fall?  In the past, I've fought the urge to put our position (or lack of) out there.  Our kids have been young and we haven't looked at the issue critically.  But, alas,  we've landed on one that works for us.  But instead of writing it all out, I'll share a few links that have helped us along the way.

Santa, Strategically by Jen Wilkin

Thinking about Santa by Noel Piper

These are just two of the MANY positions out there, but these are the two that we have come to merge.  You will find that these links contradict one another...to an extent.  I guess we are a combination of the two views.  We've thought long and hard about it and had lots of discussions and I'm good with where we have landed.  I'll leave it at that.

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